Best Android Lock Screen Apps: 5 Lock Screen Apps to Keep My Smartphone Secure

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best android lock screen apps

When you do not feel secure that anyone might have had your personal data because your smartphone isn’t properly locked, different lock screen apps in Google Play Store are available to secure your Android phone, because Android smartphones allow you to customize nearly everything to meet your needs.


There are many lock screen apps available in Apps Store and other websites. However, all of them aren’t equal in performance nor they’re completely secured. Here we’re presenting top five alternative Android lock screen apps for your smartphone to optimize maximum security. So let’s start with Echo Notification Lockscreen App.


Echo Notification Lockscreen

Echo Notification Lockscreen is a lightweight app which will not burden your phone memory to slow it down. Another very interesting thing about Echo Notification Lockscreen app is it shows most of the notifications such as messages, missed calls and other types of notifications straight to the lock screen. Moreover, if you’re using other additional apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Twitter, you can place them to the lock screen to access them quickly through just a tap.


More interestingly, you can also access the camera for quick snap to your loved ones. No worries regarding battery draining also as compared to other lock screen apps!



Ubuntu Lockscreen

You might have listened about Ubuntu Talk, ‘a suggested operating system by Ubuntu for smartphone.’ but it never really caught on. However, you can taste its reflection by installing Ubuntu Lockscreen app in your smartphone. Ubuntu Lockscreen displays notifications by swiping from top to bottom, and shows date, time and battery status as well in very fine way.


You can also manually set which of icons and apps you want to set on lock screen for quick view and disable which of you don’t want to see in your first bird eye view.



DashClock Widget

Widgets are considered to be the most easiest and popular way to set up a screen lock in all the Android phones such including Samsung, Huawei, Sony, LG’s Nexus products etc. That is way, DashClock Widget app is getting popularity in Google Play Store. DashClock Widget not only supports extensions but is also be extensively customizable. Set up the clock, calendar, appointments, unread messages supported apps, the weather for example.


You can download and install DashClock Widget application on your smartphone for free directly from Google play store. Just visit play store and search DashClock Widget and have a deep overview of an app.



Magic Locker Main

If you’re fond of multiple theme or bundle of themes to pick and choose time to time Magic Locker Main might prove a best screen lock app for you. You can pick and choose between 3000 theme all the time available online to set on your smartphone, anytime, anywhere according to the situation and mood. So choosing in not a problem now, but selecting one of them might be a problem.


So download and install Magic Locker Main app available free at Google play store and change time, date and app shortcuts, as well as sound effects direct from your lock screen.



WidgetLocker Lockscreen

I consider WidgetLocker Lockscreen app in my good books as it is the best of the lock screen app ever made for Android based Smartphones. That is so because WidgetLocker Lockscreen is all in all in lock screen options. Color, widgets, shortcuts for apps and other functions can be added to the lockscreen through WidgetLocker Lockscreen app.


Moreover, you can also set up unlocking method and sounds settings. Also set up backup preferred settings with WidgetLocker Lockscreen available directly in Google Play Store. The only thing where this app gets set back is its price. WidgetLocker Lockscreen is available in 2.99 USD.



Which lock screen app do you use? Have you tried any of the ones listed above five? Please also share with us!

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