How to Change Security Settings of Web Browser

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When parent don’t want their kids to visit unwanted websites, when anyone feel threat by any website might trick into disclosing one’s personal financial data, or you don’t want your browser to open the website that would be viral for your computer, that lets you determine the security settings on your Web browser.


Some of Security Settings of Web Browser initially set when you first download your browser automatically, however, you can also make specific changing to you browser’s security setting if you feel the settings are not appropriate for your needs.


Taking your problem in account, we have tried to give you guide how can you change the security settings of Web Browser be it Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox, given below.


How to Change Security Settings of Firefox

key points

Launch your Firefox Web browser.

Go to the "Options" item from the "Tools" menu.

Click the "Preferences" option from the "Firefox" menu.

Click the "Security" button given at the top of the window.

To enable/disable the items that you prefer, click the boxes, such as "Block reported attack sites,”

To see the effect of changings you made, restart you Firefox browser.

Note: - Firefox also gives you the ability to specify how you want your passwords & warning messages handled.
How to Change Security Settings of Internet Explorer


key points

Start your Internet Explorer Web browser.

Click the "Tools" menu and select the "Internet Options" title first.

Then click the "Security" option given at the top of the "Internet Options" window.

Click an item, such as "Internet" or "Restricted sites," to pen the menus that would let you control these features.

After this, just click the slider menu & the buttons to specify each setting you want.

Finally, restart your Internet Explorer so that to your edited security rules can be saved & applied.

How to Change Security Settings of Safari Browser

key points

Open your Safari browser.

Click the "Edit" or "Safari" menu and select the "Preferences" option first of all.

Then go to the "Security" tab in can be seen in the dialog window.

After visiting "Security" tab, click the boxes to enable/disable the security settings that you want.

In the "Web content" section, you have the option to block pop-up windows, while in the "Accept cookies" section you determine when it is appropriate for your browser to accept cookies.

Now feel the rocking changes!

We wish you question may be answered, if not, or want to have more details, please ask.


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