Change My Skype Name – How to Change Skype and Display Name?

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Learn how to change Skype name. Also learn how to change Display name, and what the difference between Skype name and Display name is. The people who use Skype, many of them even confuse between Skype and Display name.


Skype Name:

Skype name is said to be a username. In other words, the name you use to as username to sign in to your Skype account is called Skype name. It is the name you set while you first time creating your Skype account. When you are to set up your Skype account, you’re asked to provide your email address, and to set up username and password as well. That username you set works where your email address has to works, or works as username to sign in to Skype.


When you sign in to your Skype account, you can see Skype name displayed at the top center of the application window if you’re using Skype for windows. Unfortunately, you cannot change the Skype name, because Skype does not provide any feature that allows you to change your Skype name. However, the only case you can change your Skype name is by creating new account on same email address. In other words, by creating a new Skype account with new Skype name is not infect changing the Skype name, but creating it again.


By creating Skype account on same email address, you can have new Skype name, but you remember you’re going to lose the entire related thing to your Skype account such as plans, subscriptions, contacts etc.


Display Name:

Display name is indifferent to Skype name. It is a name displayed to others when you get online, or as you identity name. When others are to search you, they search you with your Display name. Display name can be changed anytime you want, and as many times you wish. It is given at the top left corner of your profile, or displayed when you chat with someone.


Change Display Name – Steps

  1. Start your Skype
  2. Click your Skype name from the Skype bar
  3. Your profile is displayed in the right side of the window. When you click your name, the edit box appears
  4. Type name new name you want to set and press enter
  5. That’s it!

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