How to Check Voicemail With CenturyLink

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Here we will guide you how to check Voicemail with CenturyLink. As you know CenturyLink provides its customers Internet and phone services for both residential and business areas.


One of the most frequent service provided by CenturyLink is voice mail, as CenturyLink is a telecommunications company. Because many are following the trend of voice mail rather than calling and texting, because calling in somehow expensive and texting do not includes voice.


So learn how to check voicemail with Century Link you may miss your friends important voicemain through CenturyLink.

Follow the following steps to Check Voicemail With CenturyLink

Pick your phone's handset up

Listen the dial tone

Now dial Dial "#55."

Enter your PIN when responded

Now Press "1" to hear your first message (to pause and resume the voicemail any time during the message press "#"

Additionally, prress "77" to rewind the voice mail

Press "88" to fast forward it

If you want to save the voice message Press "2"

And if you want to delete it just press "3" to do so

Finally, if you want to listen the voicemail again just press "1 "at the end of the message

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