Clear Cache in Google Chrome 53.0 - With Cookies & Browsing History

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Sometimes due to a collection of huge browsing history and cookies a big (Chrome) Browser cache is hosted on your hard disk. If this goes to hit a big figure, then browser cache can slow down your PC, laptop or a Mac. No matter which type of device you are using, the process is quite same.


Anyhow there is a little difference but we will cover it in the details below. As a short piece of information, Chrome browser cache helps to display web pages fast on your next visit. There is no need to clear your cache very frequently. Moreover, it also depends on your usage of internet.


Let's say that you use the internet about 8 hours per day, then you must clear your Google Chrome cache once a month. This will help you to get rid of temporary files out of your disk space.




Short Steps to Delete Chrome Cache - With Pictures




At First Step

  • Locate the menu button in the upper right corner of the screen & click on it. Just at the end of URL bar.

           Chrome Menu button


At Second Step

  • From the available menu click on the 'More Tools' and in the left menu, you will see Clear Browsing Data. There is also a shortcut to reach this window with CTRL+SHIFT+DEL.

     Click on 'More Tools' from Chrome Main Menu



At Third Step

  • This action will take user in Chrome Browsing Data Clearing window. Here select the time frame (the beginning of time) for which you want to clear the browsing data.


      Chrome Cache Clearing window


Quick TIP: If you want a specific session to be not in your browsing history. You may use the Incognito Window to browse the internet, but be aware your ISP provider still track your activity. Shortcut to open that is Ctrl+Shift+N.



At Fourth Step

  • Here in the above images top four boxes are enabled and you can select more if you want so. Each option is clear to understand so we will not go into details about them.


Quick TIP: One can simply by-pass the above procedure by entering Chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in the URL bar of your Chrome Browser.




Finalizing Chrome Data Clearing

  • Once you Click on Clear Browsing Data button, Chrome will take some time while deleting data. It may take few seconds or minutes depends on your stored data.


See the Video If Still Unable to Understand



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