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Detect invisible Skype users via using 3 methods discussed here. Skype Invisible Status Detector help you to find out the status of your friends. Find out if your friends are invisible on Skype. Online Skype Users: Skype offers all users a quite wide range of controls over their profiles but it also offers some tactics which will help a user of Skype to detect the tactics of second users who is applying those to you.


Detect Invisible Skype users via using methods discussed in this page your questions like how to detect/recognize invisible Skype users will be answered perfectly in three steps. For those who don’t knows the function of the Skype which allows you to become invisible and make the calls without being teased by any one.


You can change your status from the upper left corner of your Skype profile window. However coming to our discussion topic if someone is not talking to you for many days and you want to detect him as whether is he is going invisible to you or is really offline for many days. You can check this behavior of a person as Skype offers this for you; follow the given instructions to successfully checking invisible Skype users.


Detect Invisible Skype Users


Detect Invisible Skype User: Method 1

  • Another way to detect Invisible Skype users is just click on your contact for which you want to check invisible status. 
  • Right after the chat is opened just 'Just send a message' to that person
  • Now focus on the spinning circle, just at the right side of the message. If it disappears, then it means he/she is live but invisible
  • But on the other side if it is moving up just right on the way as it was before. Then the person is really offline and is not present on Skype community.
  • The small 'Tick Icon' will be visible on your message if it is delivered to that contact.

Detect Invisible Skype User 2018: Method 2

  • Select the contact from the left pane or contact list
  • Now click on the Profile picture of the contact from the upper left corner of chat box
  • A pop-up menu will appear giving you details about that specific contact
  • Here the status of the last activity will appear.
  • See this image

Detect Invisible Skype User 2018

Method 3

Open and turn-on your machine on which you normally uses the Skype, login to you Skype account.

Choose the contact you want to check or detect as is he offline or invisible, after opening the message windows send him/her a message saying ‘hello’ or anything.

After 3-5 seconds check for the moving circle in front of the message if you find that circle than it means that the person is really offline and if you didn’t find that it means that message has been sent and he is online but in invisible status.

Method 4

There is another method to find invisible user on Skype without sending any message.

Select and choose the user to whom you want to check invisible or not.

New window will appear, and have an option of video call if the video call button is green this means that he is invisible.

If the video call button is grey this means that he is really offline.

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