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Download and install ooVoo in your Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, Mac OS X, Android, iOS and Facebook to experience high quality video conversations. ooVoo also lets you enjoy audio chat with friends other people even you don’t know. Moreover, send messages, pictures, and files to other online with ooVoo Instant Messages (IMs) service. I know you’re thinking as if I’m talking about Skype, no my dear, its ooVoo, very similar to Skype, but not Skype.


You can download ooVoo free ooVoo. To use ooVoo, you have to be registered first, because just like Skype, ooVoo allows only registered users to communicate through free instant messaging, voice, and video chat.


What’s More in ooVoo?

ooVoo is a video chat and an instant messaging client developed by ooVoo LLC for Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, Mac OS X, Android, iOS and Facebook. It was released in 2007, and is similar in some respects to Microsoft's Skype. Especially when you’re to experience video/audio conversation, you may hardly find a difference between ooVoo and Skype.


However, ooVoo conferencing software enables high quality video and audio calls with up to twelve locations simultaneously, high resolution video and desktop sharing, and PC- or Mac-to-phone calls to landlines and mobile phones for a fee, that’s what makes you feel the difference between ooVoo and Skype.


How do I Download ooVoo?

Downloading and installing ooVoo for your Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, Mac OS X, Android, iOS and Facebook is very simple, easy and quick. However, it also depends on your processor and internet speed. Follow the following step by step instructions to download it in your machine carefully.



  1. Visit the link http://www.oovoo.com/download-oovoo

  2. You can see now many options letting you select which device you are using. Select the option relevant to your device and Operating System you’re using such as For Mac, For PC, For Windows Phone etc.

  3. System will automatically start downloading, or you’re given option to click “Save File” or cancel, select Save File

  4. Wait for the downloading and automatic installation; keep following the instructions to complete the process

  5. That’s it!

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