Ways to Use Numerous Dropbox Accounts on one PC

Internet - (on May 29, 2017 10:41 AM)

There are several ways that you can use numerous dropbox accounts to sign in login on one PC. There are also a lot advantages of them. Some of them are that you have increased storage capacity as well as you can use them for business and personal purposes.  It will largely help you to store all of your important files and data. So, you just need dropbox accounts to be multiple.


Dropbox is American file hosting company. It is providing many storage packages for its users. You can easily choose the right one. So, let’s move on to multiple Dropbox accounts and complete Dropbox login procedures. In this article, we are going to tell you that how you can store multiple dropbox accounts on PC.


Step to Utilize Numerous Dropbox Accounts to Sign in Login on one PC

Following are the main steps for utilizing Numerous Dropbox Accounts on one PC.


First Method is by installing a software. You have to install dropboxen on your PC. After installation of Dropboxen you have to make it run. Then you will have allowed to use Numerous Dropbox Accounts on one PC but with different ID.


The second method is by Dropbox Portable AHK. This method enable you to run multiple Dropbox versions in your one PC. This method is also great but once you have Dropbox Portable AHK.



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