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How to Send a Fax Online

eFax is an Internet fax service provided by j2 Global for sending and receiving fax documents in digital format instead of old and a traditional paper fax machine in a hard form.


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Indeed! eFax lets you send and receive faxes as emails over the Internet, from any device with email access. You can send you fax in digital form even from your mobile phone. For more option, you can also buy different features and apps such as digital signatures, mobiles applications, and send big size files with obtaining paid subscription.


Moreover, eFax also facilitates its subscriber to use HP printers because eFax’s have been integrated into some HP printer models provided with Microsoft Office 2013 apps. All you need is to fulfill the minimum requirements to obtain the service by just visiting www.efax.com.


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Why Should I Choose eFax?

J2 Global, Inc. is the parent company of eFax. Mark Oglesby created the first service branded as eFax in early 1997. As parent company of eFax is j2 Global, you can blindly trust to send and receive your business documents online as 11 million customers worldwide are already been associated with it. So, what are you waiting for, just join and start.


How to Send a Fax Online – Step by Step Guide

Before starting you must fulfill the minimum requirements to start the process i.e. you must have computer like device with enabled working internet with browser installed. Then follow the following steps.

Step by Step:

Turn your PC, tablet or Android on and connect it with internet

Start your favorite browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox

Visit the concerning webpage that is www.en2.efax.com/myaccount/internet_fax_login

Enter your login information i.e. your eFax Number and Password in relevant boxes

Press “login” button to sing in to send fax online

That’s it!

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