15 Hidden Skype Emoticons & Smileys – Full List of Funny Emoticons In Skype

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Skype as the most famous VOIP over the internet, with 200 M downloads in 2015 have many specific and unique features hidden in it. Unveiling 15 hidden Skype emoticons with funny Skype emoticons in it. We have compiled a full list of Skype similes. Users on the internet Google for funny Skype emoticons hundreds of time daily, so we decided to compile a list of funny Skype emoticons for users over the internet which are hidden and not available on the Skype default smileys palette.


The default Skype emoticons includes about 72 emoticons which are mix including funny, rude, cool and miscellaneous smileys for its users. Normally the chatting people use emoticons of Skype in their chat to express their personal opinions and feelings to others; which are not expressible by any other mean.


The default emoticons included in Skype by Skype Inc. includes the options to express following feelings smile, sad, laugh, cool, surprised, wink, Crying, Sweating, Speechless, Kiss, Cheeky, Blushing, Wondering, Sleepy, Dull, In Love, Evil Grin, Fingers Crossed, Yawn, Puking, Doh!, Angry, It Wasn't Me!, Party, Worried, mmmmmm..., Nerdy, My Lips are Sealed, Hi, Facepalm, Devil, Angel, Envy, Wait, Hug, Make-Up, Giggle, Clapping, Thinking, Bowing, Rolling on the Floor Laughing, Relieved, Happy, Smirking, Nodding, Shake, Waiting, Emo, yes, No, Handshake, High Five, Heart, Lalala, Heidy, Flower, Raining, Sun, Tumbleweed, Music, Bandit, Too Much Information, Coffee, Pizza, Cash, Muscle, Cake, Beer, Drink, Dancing, Ninja, and Star.


Some of these emoticons are funny while some are cool, some are insulting, some are to express the weather in your area. You can also express your mood by using Skype emoticons, however we have provided some hidden funny Skype emoticons which will provide more detailed information about removed smileys which are not viewable in default icons.


The hidden funny emoticons includes many but most famous of them are Smoking, Finger, Heidy, Toivo, Swearing, Drunk, Mooning, Bandit, TMI, Poolparty, Rock, Bug, Fubar and Headbang. See the thumbnail image and its code in the table provided below, this code is needed to use these icons in your chat; when you write this code in your chat the emoticon will appear in the message at the place of the code.


Full List Of Hidden Funny Skype Emoticons


Emoticons Expression Code
Skype Smoking Emoticon Smoking (smoking)(smoke)(ci)
Skype Finger Emoticon Finger (finger)
Skype Heidy Emoticon Heidy (heidy)
Skype Toivo Emoticon Toivo (toivo)
Skype Swear Emoticon Swearing (swear)
Skype Drunk Emoticon Drunk (drunk)
Skype Mooning Emoticon Mooning (mooning)
Skype Bandit Emoticon Bandit (bandit)
Skype TMI Emoticon TMI (tmi)
Skype PoolParty Emoticon Poolparty (poolparty)
Skype Rock Emoticon. Rock (rock)
Skype Bug Emoticon Bug (bug)
Skype Fubar Emoticon Fubar (fubar)
Skype Headbang Emoticon Headbang





Skype Emoticon Caution The Emoticons Presented Here, Its Codes, Its Names and its Icons Are the Copyright of Skype. We Only Provide The Information To Share Knowledge To Our Users.

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