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Guidance Page - (on March 05, 2018 08:37 AM)

Gap Credit Card Payment can be submitted via a number of available options from GAP. People prefer to use the Gap Credit Card login to pay the bills online.


The payments which are made before the due date will bring some benefits and rewards for the owner of the card. While the payments after the due date will bring you extra cost including late payment fee, extra interest cost high APR etc. 

Each card comes with its own benefits and perks same is the case with Gap Credit Card. By using GAP credit card you are allowed to get cash back, get discounts and offers, earn points on spendings and much more. Gap Credit Card is accepted at many more locations including Gap, Banana Republic, Athleta, and Old Navy stores.

Gap Credit Card Payment Options &  Login Methods:

GAP INC offers a number of methods and options for this consumers to pay the credit card bills. People select any option from the available ways according to their ease and comfort. Each of the payment methods has a different pattern of paying the Gap Credit Card Payment. You can find the details of each payment option from the list available as follows.


Submit Gap Credit Card Payment Online:

To pay the Gap Credit Card Payment online you must have a Gap Credit Card account at the official website. Just follow the steps below to submit your Gap Credit Card Payment online via your Synchrony Bank.


Visit Gap Credit Card Login Page  
Now enter the Username on the screen.
At next, click on Charging & Payment Option
Provide the amount of payment along with other required information.
Submit the payment and wait until you get confirmation via email, phone or SMS.


Submit Gap Credit Card Payment by Phone:

Another option to pay your card bill is via Gap Credit Card Payment via Phone or Helpline. For that purpose, you just need to follow the prompts at GAP card helpline. The customer service number for Gap Credit Card Payment by Phone is 1-800-887-1198. 


With this service, you can save time for visiting the outlets to pay your bills. Just make your payment easily with GAP helpline with the comfort of your home. 


Directly From Bank Account:

There is also a system with which you can pay the bills on your credit cards. With this option, you can directly transfer a specific amount from your bank account to your card. This will automatically pay your dues for GAP Credit Card. This option is quite useful if you have a hectic schedule of purchases and payments for your credit card. 

Submit Gap Credit Card Payment by Mail:

Gap Credit Card Payment can also be done via Mail. You have to send your account details and the amount of payment at the given address by using the mail service. This method of payment work for people who do not have any access to the online account or by telephone for making any payment via phone. 


This process takes about 5-7 days, therefore, you have to send the payment check about 5 days before the due date to avoid any late payment charges. If there is any problem while sending the payments then you can contact customer services to solve your problems.


GAP Credit Card
P.O. Box 530942
Atlanta, GA 30353


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