How to Change Default Search Engine on Firefox

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Learn how to set default search Engine on your browser or learn to set your default search engine on Firefox i.e. how to change your browser's default search engine. A question may rise in your mind that what is a web search engines.


Each browser like Mozilla Firefox provides you an option for making your favorite search engine the default when you perform a search such as Bing, Yahoo, Google,, Ask, eBay, Hotmail etc. Simply, to make your favorite search engine open directly in Mozilla Firefox by default.


We have tried our best to help you in this regard considering Firefox that is mostly used by you; some of the ways are given below from which you will learn how to change default search engine on your browser i.e. set default search engine in Firefox. So learn how you can change your default search engine on FireFox step by step given as under.


Default Search Engine on Firefox


Instructions Regarding Changing Default Search Engine on Firefox


Open Mozilla Firefox

Locate the inverted triangle beside the icon for your current default search engine on the left edge of your Firefox search box. Click on it.

Choose “Manage Search Engines" from the drop-down menu.

Take your mouse cursor over the search engine that you want to use.

Click the “Move Up” button unless your choice is the first search engine in the list.

Choose search engine, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo by placing your cursor on its name.

Now click the "OK" button to close the “Manage Search Engines” box.

Restart the Firefox and feel the difference. Finally enjoy!

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How can you change the default search engines used by Firefox

Solutions: Here is how you can change the search engine Firefox uses by default, both in your browser's search bar & the main address bar.

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How to change the default searchengine and the one activated in the adress-bar?

Solutions: i got that damn Bing as default search engine help me get rid of it once and. In Firefox type about:config in the address bar & press ENTER.

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