How to Delete Hotmail Account

Hotmail - (on April 24, 2017 09:56 AM)

Hotmail is one of the oldest webmail services. You can delete Hotmail account for several reasons. It may be causing you problems or you already have another outlook any case you want to delete your outlook account. it may be complicated if you are deleting your outlook account for the first time.


In recent Hotmail is trying to switch their old users from Hotmail to outlook. You can also switch from Hotmail to outlook account or you can delete the old Hotmail account and create a new outlook account. if you don’t know how to delete Hotmail account. then in this article I will teach you in detail that how you can delete your outlook account.


Steps to Delete Hotmail account


It really simple to delete your outlook account.  you can do this procedure in few simple steps with the help of our guidance. Following are the main steps for deleting your Hotmail account.


Firstly, type in URL box. Then sign in to your account of Hotmail. After you sign in click the option of your picture icon along with your name located at the top right corner of the screen. Then a pop-down menu will appear. From the pop-down menu click the option of View account.


you will be promoted to account page. Beside account there are many other pages. You have to click the page of Security. You will be then promoted to settings page. Scroll down this page and click the option More Security Settings. when you click this option then you have to verify yourself.


Hotmail will give you last 2 digits of phone number or last 5 to 6 alphabets of your recovery email. You have to enter last 4 digits of phone number but if you want verification with your email then you have to enter your complete email address. Then they will send a code on phone number or email, depends on you that which alternative you had already selected. You have to enter the code for verification.


After you had verified your account. Click the option close my account. then click next. You have to agree all the conditions and choose the reason that why you want to close your Hotmail account. lastly click Mark account for Closure. Then account will be succ

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