How Do I Turn off Auto-Play on Facebook

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If you’re a user of Facebook, you may surely know how quick FB is found of changing its user interface of and on. Sometimes it’s like Britney changing the cloths for her new concert. The recent change made by Facebook doesn’t get popularity as it always doesn’t, people are compelled to obey.


One of the major changes made by FB on its user interface (UI) is of video auto-play, which is strongly disliked by many of user, perhaps all of. Video auto-play plays the video automatically shared by anyone while you’re surfing and scrolling. It may be irritating if one is subscribed to limited internet package or have a fear of drowning the battery of android. Here we’ll discuss how to disable autoplay on Facebook or in other words, how to stop videos automatically playing on Facebook, especially on Android. Here is how to disable this feature on Android and PC.


Facebook on Your Android

If you’re using Android based smartphone, and have to sign in to Facebook and don’t want to see the video other shared on wall, all you need is to swipe to the furthest tab on the Facebook app for Android. And then tap on App Settings. Under the General Settings right there you will find ‘Video Auto-Play’, tab on it and set it to off which will turn of videos auto-play on Facebook.




App Settings


Video Auto Play


Turn it Off


Facebook on your PC

When you are using Facebook on your personal computer or laptop, due to Auto-play applied by Facebook on its new user-interface, while surfing video will automatically played on your screen shared by other. Sometimes it’s really annoying when you do not wana see what other have shared. To disable autoplay on Facebook on PC, go to settings, then videos and from the drop down menu, select off. Simple! Isn’t it?




Did it figure out your problem? What other features do you wish you could disable Auto-play on FB?

How To Disable Autoplay On Facebook

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can I do this on other web pages too?


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