Learn to Cancel Your Gmail Account in Few Minutes

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Do you really wanna permanently erase you Gmail account? It’s shocking however, we’ll make you learn how you can disable your Gmail Email account as it is not an uphill task. But wait, before you go to remove your Gmail account permanently, we’d like you to know the pros and corns of leaving Gmail.

You’ll Not Losing Gmail Only

One thing we’d like to warn you that you might be thinking that removing Gmail account is just enabling one to no longer sign in with Gmail account anymore to send or receive emails etc. while holding all other things in possession. If you’re thinking like this, I’m sorry you’re in deception.

Leaving Gmail account will not only unable you to sign in Gmail with username and password, but you’ll also going to lose everything associated to it. For example Google product and service attached to your account such as Google AdSense account if you have, different Google tools like Webmaster tool or Adwords, different Google email services or pages etc.

Moreover, other associated accounts for example social media services attached to your Gmail account such as Facebook, Twitter etc. And finally and obviously you’ll no longer possess your removed username and password again!

Are you ready to sacrifice all the above mentioned along with which is not mentioned but includes when you destroy you Gmail forever? If you really are ready, then let us help you with broken heart, but with précises and detailed manner along with step by step guide how to disable Gmail account as given below.


Instructions to Disable Gmail Account

First of all, sign in to your Gmail account with correct username and password through visiting google.com or directly gmail.com. Now click Data tools given at the top. In the data tools, you’ll see the options reads Delete products, click it frankly. Now from the various options, select Remove Gmail permanently as you deed to.

Step by Step to Remove Gmail Account

Sign in to your account

Click Data tools at top

Select Delete products from the options

Finally select "Remove Gmail permanently"

Confirm it


Note: You have to sign in your Gmail account if you want to do anything with your Google. Consequently, you cannot cancel or remove your Gmail account without sign in to your Gmail with correct username and password.

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