How To Improve WiFi Signal on Android

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If you’re having problem that you android’s battery draining very quickly due to connecting internet or your Wi-Fi is consuming a lot more battery than it usually does, or you’ve connected, but you find no or slow internet, then you might be suffering from poor Wi-Fi connections.


But don’t be so silly to send your smartphone for any operation, just wait, and read here, how to improve Wi-Fi signal on Android following simple and easy methods. You can avoid poor connections and to improve wifi signal by just applying some tricks and downloading wifi signal booster for android.


Here are some of them,


Avoid Poor Connections

In setting menu of Android, you’ll find option that tells your smartphone to avoid poor Wi-Fi connections, tab it to apply. It will lead your phone to avoid poor signaled connection so that while your phone is scanning for available networks it will actually avoid trying to connect to those with poor signals. In short, Settings > Wi-Fi > tap the overflow menu button > then Advanced. That’s it. For further assistance, see the following picture.



Update Radio or Firmware

Sometimes you’ll need to update the radio on your Android if you're not receiving over the air updates from your carrier or manufacturer. This is really easy to do, just carefully observe the following picture and so accordingly to make your work done.



Did it help you to strengthen your wifi signals on your Android? If you didn’t carried any help after reading the article, you can further assist yourself by watching the following video tutorials on how to improve wifi signal strength.

How To Improve Wifi Signal

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