How to Lock Apps on iPhone

Apple - (on March 03, 2017 02:35 AM)

There may be a need to lock apps on iPhone if you don't want anyone to access those apps. For this need here we are writing up a post covering the topic for how to lock apps on iPhone.


The reason behind locking the iPhone app may be personal or may be you don't want your child to access those things. Whatever the motive behind that, one can simply lock some apps or all apps on iPhone by following these steps. Moreover, after setting up the feature, the user will not able to see those selected apps in the apps menu. These settings will permanently hide the apps until you undo the settings.


How to Lock Apps on iPhone


The feature of locking any app on iPhone is not built-in however there is a way to do that. Although many methods out there allows you to lock apps on iPhone by using the jailbreak as a basic step. However, this process is not recommended, because of involving iPhone jailbreak. In that process, you can download multiple apps to lock apps on your iPhone. But the methods which we are recommending here will allow you to restrict any app without going into the jailbreak process.


Use These Steps for Locking Apps in iPhone


  • Firstly navigate to 'Settings' from your home menu.
  • Now from here move to 'General' section.
  • From the next screen go to 'Restrictions' and then select 'Enable'
  • iPhone will prompt to enter the passcode to restrict the access. Select the password of your choice and confirm it again.
  • At next step, you have to select the applications which you want to hide from the menu.
  • Now 'Disable Toggle' button from restricting the apps to show in the menu.
  • Now its done, however, if you want to show the apps back again in the apps menu. Then simply follow the above process and 'Turn on' the toggle feature.


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