How to Stop Android Apps Running in Background of Smartphone

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As many Android apps running in the background are for good reason, such as they are syncing, providing location data or otherwise doing what they were designed to do, yet many of them are useless forever or for the specific time period, and caused of extra processing and battery draining of your smartphone.


In this case, you’ve to stop unnecessary Android applications running in background which you may not know which of them. So, knowing which apps are running behind the door, which of running apps are useless or can be closed, and how to stop apps running in background of your phone is your fundamental task to revive your phones speed and holding down the battery draining.


So let’s start with the meaningful lesson.


Identifying Power Hungry

First of all, you have to identify which of apps are running behind the scene and how much of individual app causing the battery draining and using the memory. This can be done in every smartphone by just approaching Settings > About Phone and tapping the Build number until you are notified that Developer Options have been enabled, as Developer Options enable you to see the Process Stats. See the below picture how to reach Developer Options first.



There you'll see the option for Process Stats. The Process Stats will help you to dig out how much of an every app using the memory processor and how much it burdening on your phone’s battery.


From there, going to Settings > Battery and then tapping on the individual apps will let you know how much of an individual app is using your phone’s battery. See the following screenshot for further assistance.




How can You Disable, force close or uninstall the Irritating Apps

After you identify the irritating apps running unnecessarily in background and using more than a routing processor and causing your battery to be drained extraordinarily, then you can easily disable, force to close or even uninstall that app. However, some apps, like your third party keyboard, instant messengers and other constantly working apps make sense to be running all the time, but others do not, so don’t let them make sense.


See the following screenshot for further assistance.



How To Stop Apps Running In Background

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