How to Take a Screenshot with Galaxy S3

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If you have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and you wanna take a screenshot but don’t know how to do this, don’t be so worry buddy, we'll get you sorted with two easy methods, namely hardware button method and palm gesture method. But here we’ll only discuss hardware method which is indeed a simplest method to take a screenshot with S3.  All you need is to watch and follow the steps attentively and carefully.


From web page glitches, to social media commentary to Snap-chats, whatever you may like you’ll be able to take a screenshot of once you learnt and know how to do it. So let’s start learning how to take a screenshot in S3.

Galaxy S3 screenshot: hardware button method

All you need is to navigate to the screen you want take a screenshot of, press and hold the Power button and Home button together for a second until you’ll see the edges of the screen flash. This indicates that your screen has been captured you’ll find it in Screenshots album in your gallery. That’s it!

Also learn the Palm Gesture Method to take a screenshot with Galaxy S3.

You can also watch the tutorial on how to screenshot with Samsung Galaxy S3 from this site. And if you want to learn the palm gesture method of taking screenshot with Galaxy, just Click Here!

If you find it helpful regarding taking screenshot with Galaxy S3, please share your experience with us in below comment box.

How To Take A Screenshot With Galaxy S3

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