Learn HTC One Hard Reset through Settings Menu

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Now time to reset HTC One hard because me feeling too much burden on my phone, through hardware buttons? No buddy I’ve already mentioned that method in my previous article you can see the link How to Hard Reset the HTC One through Hardware Buttons.


But here we’re going to discuss and learn how to reset HTC One’s hard via setting menu method, because like all the other devices, you can also reset the hard of HTC one through setting menu. You can also take help through our video section how to reset the hard of HTC One as me made it tutorial to easy for you. So let’s began the journey!


Hard Reset HTC One: Settings Menu

As you can reset other devices hard through menu settings, you can also access settings menu of HTC One to reset HTC One hard. To reset HTC One hard all you need is to start you journey by hitting the Settings icon, scrolling down until you see Backup & Reset, then at the bottom of the next screen, taping Reset Phone. That’s it! You may be shown details what you may lost after resetting the hard to let you thing again before you confirm to reset you HTC. By this, you could also be able to back-up your data if you want before you start resetting.



Finally, tap OK and then confirm your choice. Your HTC One will now reset itself and restart with all of your data. You can also use the hardware method to reset your HTC One hard, for this, just Click Here.


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Htc One Hard Reset Through Settings Menu

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