How to Hard Reset the HTC One through Hardware Buttons

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No need to mention that HTC One is beauties phone. However, like all the smartphones and machines, ONE has also issue to be resolvable. One of the major is sometimes, HTC One gets little long in the tooth so an occasional factory reset does it good.


However, the exact process is unique in HTC One as with all Android phones. Now we'll show you resetting the HTC One, with hardware buttons, although there is another method of resetting the HTC One through settings menu, which we will describe in our coming articles very soon.

So let’s start our journey to reset HTC One through hardware buttons.

Hard reset HTC One: Hardware Buttons

If you’re facing problem with your screen or you are finding it hard to reset HTC One through setting menu, you’re most welcome to reset your loving One with the help of hardware buttons. So let’s start it by turning your HTC One off, then pressing and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons. And continue to hold until you see the H Boot screen just like given in below picture.


Now what next, use the volume keys to scroll down to Factory Reset. Finally hit the Power button to confirm. But remember, there will be no warning till last minute, so as soon as you hit Power your HTC One will reboot and restore factory default settings.

Click here to see alternative method via Settings Menu.

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Htc One Hard Reset Via Hardware Buttons

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