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Google New Launch of Family Link ParentalControl Service in Canada

In our fast-paced lives where everything is revolutionized, it’s no wonder that we’re becoming more and more dependent upon technology. Now-a-days, from a little kid to a grown up, everyone has the access to the entire world through smartphones. On one hand, where it is a convenience, it has also brought many problems with it. The wrong use of phones and internet can be destructive beyond repair.

Gmail Mail Account Complete Info guide for Gmail New Consumer

In this article, you will know how to delete Gmail account from your android smartphone or from your MAC tablet. Everyone likes to make the Gmail account to connect with the people. Gmail provides a lot of features to its user to explore new things. It is considered as the most secure web across the globe.

Top 5 Web Listing in 2018

As we all know that this is a modern era of internet and technology. Everyone in this world has less time and more work to do especially the business people. In previous years, people went to different places and countries for the establishment and famous of their companies.

How to Clear Cookies in Every Major Browser

There are many questions raised in our minds when we listened to the word “Cookie”. What type of cookie is it? For sure it is not that eatable cookie. In computer’s wording cookie is a small file.

Best Anti-Virus to use in 2018 for Your Computer

Every computer addict in this world loves to secure its computer or laptop and the files included in it from all the viruses. So he/she will need to install Antivirus program. Basically, Antivirus is the program which is developed to prevent, detect and safe malware infections on computers, networking system and IT systems.

Some Common Solution for Solving Conflicts while Connecting a Router Using is normally used by Linksys broadband router as their IP address. Sometimes other routing companies also this method. The purpose is simple of which is to set up a new router as well as to update settings of previous one. Sometimes this IP is also used in business at to set up a combine Printers and other devices. So, the devices can be used with multiple systems at a time.

How to Setup Time Warner Cable Email

Time warner cable email login allows you to access your account. Time Warner Cable is also known as TWC through which one can send and receive mail all over the world. You can access Time Warner cable weather from Mac, PC or Mobile but you must have the access to internet. So, internet connection is really important for Accessing Time Warner Cable mail service.

Ways & How to HBO Go Activate on your Apple TV

It is really simply to Activate HBO Go on your Apple TV. HBO is one of the entertaining and most watched TV channel. But the fact is that how you can see your favorite movies. The movies which you have missed, you can easily watch them on HBO Go. So, you will never miss out your favorite movies on HBO Go.

Ways to Use Numerous Dropbox Accounts on one PC

There are several ways that you can use numerous dropbox accounts on one PC. There are also a lot advantages of them. Some of them are that you have increased storage capacity as well as you can use them for business and personal purposes. It will largely help you to store all of your important files and data. So, you just need dropbox accounts to be multiple.

Launch of Windows 10 Creator Update Unveils Awesome Features

Microsoft is releasing windows 10 creator update on 11th April, 2017. The main aim of the release to enhance the working experience of windows OS. Mainly to compete with other operating system like Linux and chrome OS. The aim of Microsoft is not only increase app production but instead they are working to provide boosted facilities.

Clear Cache in Google Chrome 53.0 - With Cookies & Browsing History

Internet - United States

Sometimes due to a collection of huge browsing history and cookies a big (Chrome) Browser cache is hosted on your hard disk. If this goes to hit a big figure, then browser cache can slow down your PC, laptop or a Mac. No matter which type of device you are using, the process is quite same. Anyhow there is a little difference

How to Indicate Whether a Website Login is Secure or not?

Each person has serious concerns on internet security and privacy, and now a days it is very important to know that whether a website is serving a secure login page or not before sharing private information with it.