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Google Chrome will Automatically Download Articles for Offline Reading

Google Chrome will automatically download articles for the user for offline reading. This new feature of Google Chrome is currently available in over 100 countries. With this feature Chrome for Android will automatically download articles when you are connected to WiFi and you can read those articles offline.

Google Finally to Take Step Ban "Revenge Porn"

Thanks to Google finally took step to deal this issue. Google has decided to remove "revenge porn" from its search results by making it very easy. Search giant released a new policy allowing girls remove their photos and images they think shouldn’t be on internet. All they need to do is to fill out a form requesting the removal of nude and sexual images of themselves that have been posted without consent.

Learn to Cancel Your Gmail Account in Few Minutes

Google - United States

Do you really wanna permanently erase you Gmail account? It shocking however, we’ll make you learn how you can disable your Gmail Email account as it is not an uphill task. But wait, before you go to remove your Gmail account permanently, we’d like you to know the pros and corns of leaving Gmail.

Steps to Change Your Gmail Account Password - How to Gmail Help

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Learn how to change Gmail password: Changing password of your Google or Gmail account time to time is very important. Keep changing your Gmail password at least once in six month, because changing password regularly will keep your Gmail account safe and secure.

Complete List of Google Now Voice Commands

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To give you a surprise, we are giving a complete list of voice commands which could be sound at Google Now, may hardly be found any other place. So let’s start the fun!