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Do you want to improve your computer skills? Subscribe to to learn different computer skills online. helps you learn different computer skills online. Different computer skills including Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, and other skills like web design and much more. All these and similar learning can be learnt on in the form of different tutorials and easy-to-use videos.


You can learn from designing to 3D animation with more or less than 150 thousand video tutorials. All you need to visit the homepage link of the website at and click any category you want to jump the knowledge. There are mainly nine (9) categories in which different learning are divided, namely for developer, design, web, photography, business, education, 3D + animation, video, audio + music. You can go to any skill you want to choose as you future career.


Moreover, you can also “Try it Free” before you subscribe for any paid plan at There are given thousands of videos as well in free trial of Lynda online training. If it works for you and helping you improve you skills, you can then subscribe for full by login into your Lynda account online with username and password.


In addition, by registering to, you are not only making ways to benefit yourself, but also by downloading each and every video, you can make others learn what you’ve learn from these video by creating a creative database of videos. If you are really interested, prepare the following before you follow our step by step guideline on how to subscribe to the online.


Minimum Requirements:

  • You must have a PC or similar device that could be used to access internet

  • You must have a working internet connection

  • You must have an ebank account, or availability of any online payment method such as debit or credit card


Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Turn your machine on to connect it with internet

  2. After being connected to internet, open your favorite browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox etc.

  3. Now visit the website link

  4. Click the option “Become a Member” or take you mouse to “Products” given at footer of page and select the option “Individual Membership

  5. Select for what type of subscription you want to subscribe for

  6. Finally provide necessary prompt information and follow the instructions to complete the subscription process at

  7. That’s it!

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