How to Setup Macbook Desktop Backgrounds

Apple - (on March 30, 2017 01:16 AM)

Change the Macbook desktop backgrounds with these steps if you don't like the existing one. everyone have his/her liking and disliking and taste for the backgrounds. Some like the nature wallpapers while on the other hand some people like the personal photograph of family or any other thing. So, MacBook backgrounds or wallpapers just move with the personal choice.


How to Setup Macbook Desktop Backgrounds


How to Setup Macbook Desktop Backgrounds

Anyone can change the desktop background, the process is quite simple and easy. The user have to click on the 'Apple Icon' from the top menu bar. From the new screen open 'System Prefrences' and then select 'Desktop and Screen Saver.'


Selecting Macbook Desktop Backgroud

After you select the 'Desktop and Screen Saver' you will see a window in which there are two tabs with headings DESKTOP and second one with SCREENSAVER. Here you have to select the 'DESKTOP' tab and then a list of images will come from the 'Apple' folder. The images will be displayed at the right pane, from where you can click on the photo which you like. Just as you click on the desired image, the Mac OS will automatically change the background.


Selecting a Solid Colour as Macbook Background

You can also set a specific colour for the background. Just you have to open the folder 'Solid Colours' and then select the color of your choice from the available options. This feature is especially for those people who don't like the images as a desktop background.


Selecting a Picture as Macbook Background

One can set any personal picture as the Desktop background. For that, you have to click on the 'Picture Folder' from the left pane. This folder will show you the pictures present in Macbook, just select the image to setup as your desktop background.


Setting-up Macbook Background Appearance

You have to select the position of the image for the desktop. For that, use the drop-down menu from the top of image pane. We have cover all the available options with details of working for each of that.


Fit to Screen

With this option the image fills the height of the screen, while the sides of the screen fills with black color if image is small. On the other side if image is wide enough then it will automatically cut it from sides.


Fill Screen

This option completely fix the image with respect to the size of your screen. It will automatically enlarge the image if it is small OR cut the sides if it is large enough to fill the screen.


Tile the Background

With this option the image is used as a small tile and then the whole screen is filled with a repeated grid of small tiles. In this option you also have to change the resolution of the large images.


Center the Image

One can use this option if the image is very small OR it have very low resolution. With this option your image will come in the center of the screen.


Stretch to Fill the Screen

This option lets the users to stretch the image to fill the whole screen. No matter if image is small, it will give you a low resolution on the screen. However, you will get the complete screen with your desired image.

We hope that this information is good enough, to change or setup a new desktop background on your Macbook. However, if you are looking for more details then you can continue reading about it at How to set Desktop Background on Mac.

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