How to Make Google Chrome as Default Browser

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Before you wana learn how to set default browser or learn to set Google Chrome as your default browser, a question may arise in your mind that what is a default browser. Each browser provides you an option for making your favorite browser engine i.e.


Google Chrome the default when you perform a search if you have more than the one browsers installed such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome etc.


In this account, we have tried our best to help you in this regard considering Google Chrome that is mostly used by you; some of the ways are given below from which you will learn how to make Google Chrome Default Browser. So learn how to how to set Google chrome as default browser step by step given under.


Google Chrome as Default Browser


Instructions Regarding How to Set Google Chrome as Default Browser

First of all, access the Google Chrome from the Start Manu where ever you have placed it.

After Chrome started, locate the menu and click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar

You will see the drop down menu where you have to select Settings button. You can also press Ctrl + H to reach the Settings.

Here you will see four sections namely History, Extension, Setting and Help. In setting section, locate the "Default browser" section

Finally, click Make Google Chrome my default browser.


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How to Make The Chrome your default browser

Solution: sure Google chrome is performing and proving excellent browse so easy steps to set chrome your default browser

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Tips How to Set Google Default Browser

Solution: User of Internet often raise question how to set Google your default browser….. wow great tips and easy steps in a minute to set

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