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If you’re fed up of unnecessary beeps and buzzes on your Android, just don’t fed up more, learn how to manage Android notifications!


It is by default that you will receive different notifications on your android Smartphone all the time if you’re sign up with Facebook, WhatsApp, Tweeter, and buzzing text messages. Moreover, different app notifications may also annoy for you if they aren’t in your preferred list. However, at the same time, some of the notifications may be useful for you or you’d love to have them. Thus, issue of priority will take place.


Consequently, need of knowing how to manage Android notifications on your Android phone take place. Here are some of the different methods to prioritize your Android notification are given having different facilities. So let’s start with going to each app individually and customizing.



Go to Each App and Customize Them

Going to each map individually and customizing them with your priorities is a simplest, yet a log drive way to manage Android notifications. All you need is to go into all of your apps separately and tweak the notifications there. That may also give you opportunity to interact with more options and variety to manage notifications.


Prioritize Generally

By keeping an eye on the app sends you regular notifications, which are annoying for you; you can make them ‘Do Not Disturb’ by keep your beeps and buzzes away from you smartphone. But if you really need to be updated with Subway Surfer, you can surely be update by getting rapid annoying notification in my case.


Turn All of them Off

Are you getting tired, wana sleep, or you work hard whole the week and now you want to have a deep sleep on weekends, you are surely be ready to beat whoever disturb you. Oh wait, do not break you smartphone, just manage it. You can manage notifications to turn them off at night, or at sleeping times, and I mean all of them. All you need is to have an app called "Do not Disturb". By this, you’ll be able to turn off all the app notifications you want to get rid of.



This can also be done in some cases with a built-in notification blocker feature, like on Samsung and Motorola, however, you your phones doesn’t have built-in notification blocker, you can download "Do not Disturb" for sure!


Vibe for Different Vibrations and Sounds

You can also manage different vibrations, sounds and silents for different app and notifications, by just downloading Vibe app from Google Play Store. Yup, by this Vibe, you can prioritize and manage Android notifications on your smartphone. Vibe will also let you customize which patterns are used for different calls and messages. Also, you turn any song into a ringtone or a notifications alert. So, are you going to manage Android notifications with Vibe?


Let us know which of these, or out of these methods you’re going to use to manage Android notifications and alerts?

Manage Notifications Android

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