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Fake Apple Factory Caught Red Handed in China

This fake Apple factory in China is accused of 41,000 fake Apple iPhones, selling it in national and international market. According to report, while operation was taking in place, “hundred” of worker found repackaging second hand smartphone parts as new iPhones for export, with the counterfeit phones produced worth 120m yuan ($19m).

Now No Restriction on Gaming Consoles by China

As many views China has comparatively controlled economy, it is very much apparent that China is shifting its economy to comparatively free economy after getting much control in international market. Video game manufacturers were restricted to freely develop and sell their products in China before dat.

Protect Yourself Online - Security Experts

These sophisticated hacking attacks are so profound that even official government websites and sensitive data seems not secure from massive breaches. We’ve experience recently about 20 million U.S. official data breach by unknown sources, accuse to be Chinese, however, with no evidence found.

Now Your Car Breaks Could be Hacked – See How?

According to the Manchester based NCC Group, the vulnerability to be a hacked could let the criminals hack the breaks and other sensitive systems of the car that may definitely lead to lives taking risks. All this could be done through radio signals.

Half of The Australian Internet Users illegally Download Content Regularly

According to the "new online copyright infringement research released" on 22 July 2015, Australia has high level of online copy right infringement. In this survey, almost more than 2,630 people aging 12 and over are interview. The survey targeted to get answer why these people are involved in illegal downloading, and how many & regularly of them are involved in this act. The survey includes studying the content like movies, music, TV programmes and video games.

Toshiba's Chief Executive to Resign Over Scandal

Hisao Tanaka, 64, has to resign on overstating its operating profit by a total of 151.8bn yen ($1.22bn, £780m), according to an independent panel appointed by Toshiba on Monday. However, the guilty did not offended accuses and apologized in manner-able way.

TV Political Ads are Expected to Kiss Record in 2016, Why?

News - United States

Advertisement has always been a key to win elections in democracies across the world. Same rules apply in United States. Both the parties, Democrats and Republicans depends their end result on the advertising costs and quality. And cooperate structure are the mean to help these parties invest in different ways across America.

Director of US OPM Resigned After Huge Data Breach

The resigned came after hacker sophisticated breach the data of more or less 21.5 million people including government job applicants, federal contractors, and over a million of their partners. Before this incident, according to US officials, 4.2 million government official data was stolen by hackers which were pointed out on China.

Thousands of Apple Macbook Damaged Screens Reported

Yes, that’s what happened with thousands of Apple Macbook owners, and getting angry and eager to start a campaign against for action over reported Macbook screen issue, with no satisfactory response from Apple.

MasterCard to Test ‘Pay by Selfie’ App

MasterCard is testing a Facial Recognition App that will help customers use it as password for online purchases. This app will identify through Facial Recognition system and verify users to unlock their bank account for purchase and different transactions. The objecting of introducing an app that can recognize faces is to ensure easy and more secure bank login.

Robot Killed a Man at Volkswagen’s Production Plant

The victim constructer at the automaker plant was said to be assembling the robot for a new motor production line, who was not employee, faced lethal injuries when the stationary robot grabbed and crushed him against a metal plate at the plant in Baunatal.

Google Get Racist Again, Apologizes

Google criticize on social media accusing it of being racist because the couple in a picture represent black community. "This is 100% not OK," replied by Google executive Yonatan Zunger after being contacted by Jacky Alcine via Twitter.