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Facebook to Compete YouTube by Sharing Ad Revenue with Video Creators

So far, there was no one to give serious competition to world’s number one video streaming website. What now, a social media giant, Facebook has decided to beat YouTube in video stream as well by introducing a Suggested Videos feed.

MasterCard to Allow People Verify Online Payments with a Facial Scan

MasterCard will allow its customers to verify online payments with a facial scan or a fingerprint coming next year. Passwords are a pain, there are real problems. People forget their passwords, people write but displaced it. They are really very surprised when a hacker gets in to a particular website and breach the passwords of all their accounts.

Do you Think Microsoft Edge will Going to Work out with Familiar Logo?

Failure after failures, Microsoft realized to replace its IE browser with Edge, but apparently it looks familiar as per its logo, isn’t it? Microsoft has to suffer and has to face criticism over its old browser allot, most probably first browser used by masses, Internet Explorer. Even by making radical changes, the logo and name made people sick so much that people even bother not to update new much advertised versions of IE.

Apple Launches Online Radio Station Along with Apple Music Streaming

Finally, on Tuesday, Apple has managed to launch its online radio station called ‘Beat 1’ along with its online Apple Music streaming service for its customer, but start was not good enough as Zane Lowe – who was presenting the first online show from Los Angeles – keeps on talking to if the sound is going on air, making test transmission really a “test.”

The Father of SMS Matti Makkonen Died

Finnish engineer Matti Makkonen famously dreamed up the idea for the SMS (Short Message Service) in a Copenhagen pizza shop in 1984, and the first message "Happy Christmas" was sent to a Vodafone UK cellphone from a PC on December 3, 1992, now died!

Facebook Says Revenge-Porn Data is 'Untraceable'

In response of Dutch court order to help identify who posted a revenge-porn video clip on the social-media, Facebook says the data is 'untraceable'. Revenge-porn victim ‘Chantal’ had taken Facebook to court in Amsterdam on her sexually explicit video uploaded on Facebook by anonymous account in 2011. The uploader deleted his/her account just after uploading the video.

Adobe to Issue Emergency Flash Player fix After Being Hacked

Adobe Flash Player is a free browser plug-in that is used across the BBC, and other websites for playing videos, animations and games. Flash Player is reported to be attacked by a targeted hacking attempt which according to Adobe affected Windows, Mac and Linux systems worldwide.

President Obama to Urge Cyber Concerns with China

President urges to release tensions between two giants, as two days of talks between the two nations came to an end. "We need to work through how all countries are going to behave, but particularly how we're going to work this out in terms of the bilateral relationship."

Microsoft to Install Windows 10 in One Billion Devices Up to 2017

Objective to install Windows 10 in more or less 1 billion devices around the world apparently seems unachievable, but Spiceworks – a professional network for the information technology industry that is headquartered in Austin, Texas – says it is very much achievable and sane.

Google to Launch Free Streaming Service ‘Play Music’

News - United States

Yes, now you can enjoy your favorite music anytime, anywhere in America absolutely free without any extra hidden or subscription charges with Google ‘Play Music’ – a free streaming service. This free service will be available absolutely free of cost in United State, however, will be available in other parts of the world with the passage of time.

Google’s Executive Killed in Cannes Accident!

An executive of Google, has been killed in an accident in Cannes, France, reportedly after being hit by an automobile, the search company has confirmed. In a statement, Google said: "We lost a loved and respected member of our team. We are deeply saddened and our thoughts are with his family and friends."

Now Facebook Recognizes Your Face Even When Your Face Is Hidden

Facebook is working on tech, and almost able to form an algorithm can automatically recognize an individual even if that individual’s face is unclear, NewScientist reported on Monday. Isn’t it scary that you never had your profile picture uploaded on Facebook or at any other online domain, yet Facebook claims that it can recognize your face and identify you in photos?