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Internet & Cable Industries Loosing Trust with Americans

News - United States

According to the American consumer satisfaction index, the tradition of being most hated industries in America for cable TV and internet providers remains the same, even declining. As compared to the previous year, two industries scored lowest among those tracked by the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Satisfaction with pay TV fell 4.4%; internet service declined 3.1%.

Warning Over Growing Cyber Threats Worldwide

We’ve seen numbers of hacking since last one or two years growing in exponential rate, whether these attacks are held by any group, individual or terrorist organizations. Numbers of America based insurance company’s public data has been compromised, including Blue Cross, Anthem and CareFirst.

NSA Surveillance Bill - Congress to Turns Away from Post-9/11 Law

News - United States

The United State congress has taken away some of the sweeping intelligence-gathering powers that had been granted to NSA since just after the incident of 9/11, by passing a bill signed by President of America Mr. Barack Obama.

Windows 10 to be Launched in July – Says Microsoft

The software developer giant has confirmed that Windows 10 would be available from 29th of this July, i.e. 2015 for tablets and PCs. The Company has also confirmed that the users using the most recent version of the Microsoft Operating System, would be pleased with a chance to get free updates of Microsoft OS final release (Windows 10) whenever they want.

Silk Road Drug Website Founder ‘Ross Ulbricht’ Jailed for Life

The founder of Silk Road drug website, and known mastermind behind online drug marketing, Ross Ulbricht sentenced to life in prison by a US federal judge Friday. According to the Federal prosecutors Ross Ulbricht was managing his website hosted on the hidden "dark web" – that cannot be searched through normal search engines, has sold more than $200m (£131m) worth of drugs.

Lenovo Phone Now with Laser Projector to Features Virtual Keyboard

Lenovo as a Chinese giant keeps on doing giant-y productions. This time, a very newer thing for customers, by unveiling a smartphone that can display anything you want with its built-in laser projector. This is not the end of the story, the built-in laser projector is also featured with the interactive display.

Google to Renew Google Play Android apps' Age Ratings

Nearly at the end of this week, Google has decided to revamp the way it rates android application available at its Google Play Store, because the previous way sounds not good enough. The new system will be control and manage by outside body (an independent organization), therefore you will no more be able to see the low/medium/high maturity classifications Google Play has used until now.

Make Hyundai Car Drive Easy with Google Android Auto System

South Korea's Hyundai listed its name in first carmaker companies offer Google's Android Auto system to install in their cars. The system will be available for Hyundai Sonata sedan 2015 model cars. All the users of smartphone can opt the system for their Hyundai Sonata cars.

YouTube Viewers to Hit Million for a New 8-bit movie ‘Spirited Away’

David Dutton from California makes the "old school" arcade-style films for film collective Cinefix in 8-bits on YouTube. He is recreating popular movies such as Matrix Titanic, The Avengers and Frozen and all of his release touching millions of viewers on YouTube.

Nearly 3.2 Billion People will be Using Internet by The End of this Year – ITU

News - United States

The report suggests the rapid exponential growth in internet users during last 15 year, i.e. from year 2000 to 2015. According to the ITU report, more or less 400 million people were using internet in 2000, and now, by the end of 2015, which is estimated “6.5 to 43 per cent of the global population,” “Between 2000 and 2015.” There will be more or less 3.2 billion people will be online worldwide, which is estimated nearly half of the world population i.e. 7.2 billion estimated.

UK to Sell of Unused IP Addresses to Earn Euros -DWP

News - United Kingdom

UK government has decided to sell off Internet address often called IP addresses, known as IP Version 4 (IPv4) addresses, in order to earn some money to fill the reserves. These IP addresses are mostly owned by the Department for Work and Pensions which is used by the UK's government network.

Alert - Factory Reset on Android Devices doesn’t Clear the Device as one Would Expect

News - United States

If you’re about to sell out your smartphone, and thinking you’ve clean your data with factory reset on Android, then you’re not smart enough to know that performing a data wipe on Android devices doesn’t clear the device as one would expect according to Cambridge University recent discovery!