How to Disable/Enable Plugins of Internet Explorer

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Many of you sometime want something more than browsing in your browser, for this, many of you by downloading and installing enable many of plugins that support enhanced browsing, add functionality to Facebook or Twitter, or add games to your browser i.e. third-party files extending the abilities of your browser far beyond mere Web surfing.

Whatever your browser is be it Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, you can see these plugin are called in different names like "Add-Ons" and "Extensions." respectively. 

Normally these plugins, whatever you name them i.e. extensions, add-ons, are very useful for you as you downloaded and installed them for any purpose, however, many a time you feel you browser getting dizzy and slow, so often you like to disable these plugins from your browser temporary.

We have tried to help you in this regard considering Internet Explorer that is mostly used by you; some of the ways are given below. So learn how to disable/Enable Extension and Plugins of your Internet Explorer browser.


Instructions Regarding How to disable/Enable Plugins in Internet Explorer 8

Locate the New Tab button near the top of the browser window to the right of the address field and any other open tabs.

Right-click the empty space between the New Tab button and the Home house-shaped icon.

Context menu will appears, select "Command Bar".

Select "Manage Add-ons" from the drop-down menu to open the Manage Add-ons dialog box.

Choose the add-on type you want to disable. By default, the Manage Add-Ons window lists the currently loaded add-ons.

Choose the add-on if you want to disable/enable and click "Disable" or “Enable”.


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