Privacy Policy


Privacy policy is the set of rules by which the information is regulated which is provided to by our visitors, by reading this you can get aware about the process which is used to collect the information. In addition to this you will be get aware about the type of information which is collected by by our visitors. This set of rules will show you the transparency related to your information handling, we will never share your information to any third party.


Information Collected from Visitors


Here you can find the types of information which we collect during your visit to our site and we collect information which includes


  • Information via a social network

Sometimes while browsing our site you may be required to sign-up an account with us by using your social-media account. In such a case we have access to the information which you directly provided to us and information which is shared with us from your account depending on the type of privacy settings on that social account.

  • Log Information
  1. When you use services some of the information is collected automatically which is known as log information, this information includes following.
  2. Screen resolution of your device, browser type, language of your browser including date & time of your visit.
  3. Information about your IP Address & ISP (Internet Service Provider).
  4. Details of your surfing behavior on our site including the navigation path and other search queries.
  5. Information including type of operating system, your location and other demographic elements which are not related to personal identification.


How the information collected is used


The information that we are collecting is used for different purposes which includes enhancing, maintaining and upgrading or developing our services which are available to you. Other information which may include your name in comments section, your opinion or any other information will be shown to all as it is a public section. The provided email address or Facebook id may receive promotional email from to make you aware for any new service launched in the site.


We can also share the information provided by you for legal reasons which may include enforceable government request for disclosure of information, any order by courts for sharing the information to them, to ensure the safety of our users or public as per the law of the land.


External Links


While browsing the content on our site you may find some links on our site to help you read in detail, these links will take you to the other sites which are not under our control. We do not take the responsibility of the privacy policy of those sites, please read the privacy policy of these sites to ensure your privacy.


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This privacy policy may be updated at any time you may visit this page regularly to be updated with latest developments.


Last updated on August 8, 2014.