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If you want to play android apps on pc, it isn’t impossible task to be made. Android apps for pc are the applications could be install and run on PC by just taking some special tasks in account.


There are many ways and methods to play Android apps on PC, for example you can use android app emulator for pc to run android app on your personal computer, be it laptop, windows phone or any other similar device. BlueStacks is one of the famous software used to install, play and run android apps on your PC downloaded from Google play store or any other apps store you like to use.


When anyone says to run Android app on PC, it usually mean to play android apps on windows operating system. Here we will teach you some ways how to use Android apps on PC so that running android apps on pc becomes easy and usual for you.

Through BlueStacks

If you want to run Android apps on Windows BlueStacks is currently the best emulator to play android app on PC. One of the special features of BlueStacks is that it does not replace you OS to run the application, Instead of it, it allows to you to run Android app on your Windows OS just like the other software supporting Windows OS you used to play from your desktop. It doesn’t matter which Windows OS you are using, whether Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista or 8.1.




Moreover, BlueStacks also helps you to download and install your desired apps directly from Google play store, mean easy to select and easy to run apps with best quality.


Official Android Emulator

Official android app emulator could also be used to run android apps on windows operating systems. Official android emulator is provided by Google play itself, but public reviews looks not matching with its “Official” status. That is so because official Android Emulator does not play apps smoothly, i.e. if you want to play games, it could be irritating for you for its slow speed, however, if you want just to test apps, it’s really handy.




All you need is to run the Android operating system in a window on your existing computer to test or play your favorite or desired Android Apps on PCs.



Android-x86 is a project of community made to enable android apps a platform of x86 so that the Android applications could be download, install and run on Intel and AMD processors, whether you are using tablets or laptops. Means, you can provide x86 platform on tablets and PCs for android apps just like to install Windows OS or Ubuntu on you PCs, laptops and tablets.


However, the project does not support or give healthy and good compatibility on low-power netbooks. So try Android-x86 or previous two soft-wares to run android apps on PCs, Tablets, Laptops or Notebooks and write a story in below comment box to add down.

Run Android Apps On Pc

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