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Sign up for NetZero to create a NetZero Email account. Creating NetZero account to get NetZero Email services is free. NetZero is a nationwide internet service provider in the United States and first company to provide internet services in a country absolutely free of cost. Services include NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband, NetZero’s Platinum Internet service, NetZero HiSpeed Internet and NetZero Video Mail and much more.


Signing up for NetZero email service enables you manage account for free. You can use it for connecting with people. You can chat, make audio and video conversations, send and receive emails, create multiple NetZero email accounts as many as you want, and have a services like spam/virus protection to block junk mail and protect you from viruses by having NetZero Email account. All this is free of cost available for NetZero users.


Creating NetZero email account is very easy, and quite secure, simple & convenient to even use. If you have a Computer, laptop, tablet, phone or anything to access internet, before you begin, you will need to prepare the following as well.

  • A PC or similar device to access internet

  • A working internet connection

  • Personal information such as name, zip and email address

  • A member ID and password


Steps to Sign up for NetZero Email Account:

  1. Turn your machine on to connect it with internet

  2. After being connected to internet, open your favorite browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox etc.

  3. Now visit the website link

  4. Take you mouse to the section “Free Services” at the middle-lower part of the page and click “Free Email

  5. Click the red button says, “Get Started” to continue

  6. Provide prompted information in required box such as your personal information, including your full name, area you belong to, your gender and date of birth

  7. Set your email ID and password and pass a security check

  8. Tick the box to indicate “I accept the Terms of Services and Billing Authorization” and finally click the button “Purchase

  9. That’s it!

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