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6 Skype alternatives, Skype was very popular VoIP software in past few years might be because of unavailability of any other option. In that time no one can catch Skype even after offering some better services, this might be because of the trend that Skype made successfully. But now many people don’t like to use Skype the reason behind might varies from person to person.


Some says that I want to make video conference calls to more people, while other says that I don’t want any ads in my conversation over call, there are also some of the issues with privacy there are many more reasons. So the reason to leave Skype changes from person to person depending on his reality and many other factors.


Skype Alternatives 2015 for Windows, Linux, Android, Mac & for all platforms, choose free Skype alternative by reading full article about alternative to Skype.


Anyhow the ‘reasons behind departing Skype’ is not our topic for today coming back to our topic again here are some more trustful alternatives to Skype.


The arrangements of all the softwares is according to alphabetical manner all of the software recommended here are absolutely free, you can read the features and download options to choose the best application for you.


Ekiga is one of the best alternatives to Skype having easy user interface property.

It supports video and voice calling; you can also send text messages by it.

It has a great and very easy learning process which result in to easy to use application

The quality of audio and video is very high, you can enjoy the DVD quality videos while video calling.

Ekiga is Free to use, voice and video calls are free from Ekiga to Ekiga, while Phone calls From Ekiga cost you little.

Download Options

You can download this software on Windows and Linux devices, to download this software Click Here


Goober to Goober calls are free of cost just like Skype, you can enjoy both voice and video calls on this platform.

The quality of voice and video calls is very good and it also offers many value added features which will be discussed above.

The software is best for audio and video calls; voice calls can hold unlimited number of people while video conference can be done with maximum of 6 peoples.

A built-in ‘Goober Messenger Tool’ allow you to contact with ICQ, MSN, AIM and other messengers like Jabber, Google Talk, Yahoo, and many more.

You can also integrate your Facebook and Twitter to interact with these platforms.

Download Option

This application is available on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms; you can download this software for these platforms From Here.





Google Hangouts Features

If you are a businessman and so often video conference is your need than Google-Hangouts is the solution for your problem.

It can handle maximum of 10 people for video conference call, call quality is perfect as you can expect from Google.


Download Options

The benefit of using this option is that you can use this service on all devices just like Gmail, Ad-words and other services.


Google Voice Features

If you need to make free voice calls you can use this service for this purpose, it also uses internet to provide you the service.

You can make free calls using Google voice in USA and Canada, calls to other locations will cost you little which is very low.


Download Options

Same is the case here as discussed above in the download options, all you need is to install a small plug-in.


The features of Jitsi includes many things more from the above stated applications, it is a powerful application.

It allows you for both voice and video calls, with high quality performance, in addition to this it can record calls, it can encrypt calls, the most attractive is that it can share your desktops.

It also has an ability of cancelling voice echo and can also do voice suppression.

Like Goober it also supports many social platforms for chatting purpose which includes SIP, XMPP, MSN, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, Bonjour etc.

Download options

It is available on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms; you can download Jitsi from Click Here


You can use this software as an alternative to skype as it has ability to completely replace skype.

You can set-up a conference video call over this software for up to 12 people at the same time.

It also support text messages, all the services from ooVoo to ooVoo are free.

You can also call to other networks from your ooVoo account but in result you will be charged by some little cost.

A premium version is also available which is ad free and having some more features.

Download options

It is available for Windows, Android, iPhone, Mac Consoles; you can download it from Click Here.


It also a same applications as that of skype you can also use this application as an alternative to skype and have these features.

The service is completely free, and offers you voice and video calls, faxes, conference calls for free just like Skype.

You can also this app to call to other phone numbers no matter which network they belongs to.

Download Options

As an alternative to Skype it has few back draws, you can download this software for Windows and Mac console boxes.



Skype is no more alone in his field of VoIP software provider; there are many other types of software in the line offering their services to masses.

You can use the above provided software as an alternatives to Skype, share your experience after using those softwares, in the comments below. To share any other VoIP software to add into the provided list shares it into the comments box below our staff will consider it for addition.

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