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Skype for Android


Download Skype for Android, mobile phone (Version install for video chat, make free Skype APK for voice calls, and send instant messages on the move. Download Skype today. The download link placed on this page will take you to the page from where you can easily download the application on your mobile. The process is quite simple and you can easily add this application to your mobile by following just simple steps, while you are downloading Skype on your android device you have to take some prerequisites for downloading application on your mobile. You have to link your device to Google Play Store by using your “Gmail” ID read the steps written below in detail to assist you in downloading Skype on your android devices from Play-Store.


How to Download Skype for Android on Your Smartphone

Connect your android Smartphone to internet either by means of 3G connection or by nearest Wi-Fi hotspots.

Open Google Play from the browser of your android mobile and write Skype for android in the search bar to search the application.

But before to search this term you must have to login to your Gmail account by using your ‘Gmail-ID’

Now click on the download button Play Store will automatically detect the version of your device and give you the right version of Skype which is compatible with your device.

Now your download will start in 3 or 4 seconds.

Skype For Android Free Download Latest Version

While you are downloading Skype on your android device you have to take some prerequisites for downloading application on your mobile. You have to link your device to Google Play....

Installs: 10, Size: Depends on Device
1 2 3 4 5
( 137)
Category: Skype | Price: Free

Privacy Policy of Skype

Skype Terms of Use

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Publisher Skype Rating For 12+

Genre Social
Supporting O/S Android 2.2 or Up File Size Depends on Device
Price Free Laungage Multiple Laungage


Enjoy using Skype on your android mobile and call your friends and relatives for free by using Skype to Skype feature, you can also make calls to landline and mobile numbers from anywhere to any location by using Skype call to mobile feature but it is  a paid feature. Discover more features of Skype for android after downloading it on your android mobiles.



Skype Group me

Helps you to share location, photos, messages on your Mobile.


Skype Qik  Skype Qik

 Send Video Messages to your friends by your mobile with Skype Qik.


Skype WiFi App

 Makes you to connect with over two Million WiFi hotspots worldwide.

Skype 5.2 for Android – Share Photos with Offline Contacts ...

Features of Skype for Android


  • Skype to Skype voice calling

  • Skype to Skype Video calling (On Selected Phones)

  • Instant messaging

  • Calling on Skype numbers

  • Receiving calls from Skype numbers

  • Participating on group calls

  • Using phonebook for calling on mobile numbers

  • Call forwarding

  • Highlighting favorite contacts

  • Sending SMS to Mobiles

  • Voice Messaging

  • Video Messaging

  • Sending Files



How People Use Skype For Android


People use Skype for android on their mobiles having Android O/S you can also use this application on your mobiles by following the steps written above for downloading Skype on your mobiles. People who download Skype on their android devices uses this application for different tasks, either for making voice calls or videos calls to their relative sometimes authoritative schools and businesses also use Skype for their online classes and business meetings.


While some people use it as a tool for making international calls due to cheap calling rates, you can see the “SKYPE RATES” for calling to other countries rates varies countries to countries. Skype for android is also used for sharing files, sending text messages, sending video or voice messages in a nut shell Skype for android is the best VOIP in the world which is providing many features to the android phone users you can enjoy these features after downloading it on your device.


Skype For Android Download Video Tutorials

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