How to Record Skype Calls on Your iPad or iPhone

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Record Skype calls on iPhone: Are you new to iPad or iPhone devices to use Skype? Here is the solution and complete step by step guide to record your Skype call on your iPad and iPhones. Now Skype is available to your iPads and iPhones you can download your copy of Skype app from your regional iTunes store, install the software in your device and then enjoy using Skype.


Call to your school, college or university friends, relatives, neighbors and to all you know by using Skype on your iPad or iPhone.You can use Skype in your iPad or iPhones on both Wi-Fi and 3G networks, now you are free to connect with your friends by Skype for iPad and Skype for iPhone for free with just a click.


But sometimes a person needs to record his/her friend’s conversation over Skype perhaps with a motive to surprise them in quite distinctive way. Anyhow whatever the reason is we are not here to discuss the reasons behind recording Skype calls on iPad or iPhone.


How to Record Skype Calls on iPad and iPhone for free? We have recommended some software for recording Skype calls in iPad and iPhone you can also download them from here.


We have to discuss the method by which you can record Skype calls on your iPad and iPhones. There are different softwares in the market which offers you the platform to record you Skype calls on your Apple devices but I want to discuss here that recording your Skype calls is little bit different from recording calls on windows 8.


The application which you can use in your iPads and iPhones to record Skype calls is here which I would I like to recommend you “Quick Voice”.


quick recorder for skype iphone


This software is free you can download it and can use it on your devices to record audio Skype calls, if you want to see the Skype app on your screen while recording your call then first launch quick voice then launch Skype on your device and vice versa.


If you only wants to record your Skype in background while making the Skype as the working screen for you here are some software suggestions for you which you can consider for Skype call recording in your iPad or iPhone.


voice recorder


Both of the softwares are free on iTunes you can get a copy for your device from here. the first one for you is ‘Voice Recorder’ and second suggestion for you is ‘Audio Memos’ but now the choice is yours.


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Record your Skype Call on iPhone

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