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Skype Emoticons

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9+ Dirty Skype Emoticons – Hidden Skype Emoticons Known As Skype Dirty Smileys

Here we have compiled a complete list of dirty Skype emoticons, these emoticons used in Skype chat are considered as dirty because they can hurt the emotions of others. Skype emoticon is a quite popular way of expressing your feelings and emotions in your text messaging on Skype, it helps you to convey your

List of Secret Skype Emoticons: What is the Full List of Emoticons? - Skype

Skype emoticons are used by its user to express their feelings in their instant messages via Skype to their friends. Secret Skype emoticons are optional to add in your chat box, which are also known as mood messages; it helps you to describe your feelings in your Skype IMs which you can’t explain in words.

Extra Skype Emoticons – 21+ Extra Skype Emoticons Full List

There are many emoticons which are given in Skype for its users, who use Skype for chatting. There are about 72 emoticons in Skype, which are already given in Skype’s emoticon tray but developers and some artists discover some more emoticons for the users of Skype. These emoticons are not available in Skype emoticons palette

Funny Skype Emoticons - Get All Skype Funny Smileys

Skype Emoticons - United States

Are you a permanent Skype user? If yes then you must know about the emoticons that are used in Skype text chat, while sending messages to your friends

Awesome Extra Skype Emoticons - Latest Hidden Smileys

Skype Emoticons - United States

If you use Skype in your normal life routine, to chat with your friends you must be familiar with the word similes which are also known as emoticons in your common language.

Find Skype Emoticons Art - Learn To Make Your Emoticon Art in Skype

There are many emoticons available in the market for Skype which are divided in many categories. The emoticons are now reached to a position at which a chat without them seems colorless and difficult.

Secret Skype Emoticons - Find Out All Skype Hidden Emoticons

Are you a daily user of Skype? And connected to your friends and relatives via Skype then you must use Skype emoticons in your text messaging and IMs.

15 Hidden Skype Emoticons & Smileys – Full List of Funny Emoticons In Skype

Skype Emoticons - United States

Skype as the most famous VOIP over the internet, have many specific and unique features hidden in it which makes it a world famous VOIP client. Users on the internet Google for funny Skype emoticons hundreds of time daily, so we decided to compile a list of funny Skype emoticons for users over the internet which are hidden and not available on the Skype default smileys palette.

Skype Emoticons & Skype Smileys - Full List of Skype Emoticons

Skype Emoticons - United States

Skype emoticons are of many types, you can use them to convey your message regarding your mood to your contacts by only sending them an animated picture

Get Cool Skype Emoticons - See All The Latest, Cool, Funny And Hidden Skype Emoticons

Skype Emoticons - United States

You can use special images in your Skype conversation, which are in real animations depicting concepts of society regarding different things.