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If you’re having multiple Sony home entertainment devies, you’ll need to program your Sony Universal remote through 5-digit codes in accordance with the product and the manufacturer. As Sony serves numbers of Universal remote controls which could easily be utilized for the devices like A/V receivers, cable boxes, DVD players, DVD recorders, DVRs and VCRs etc.


You’ll find most of the Sony universal remote control could comfortably work with most of the Sony based and devices of the other companies and manufactures except few. However, you’ll have to program the remote control before you can use it with the device.


How to Program a Sony Universal Remote

There are multiple ways to program your Sony universal remote control such as manual programming with codes, using the code search function or programming by brand name etc. we’ll try to guide you step by step on how to program a Sony universal remote with all aforementioned ways with tips, guidelines, warnings and precautionary measures.

Learn step by step how to program Sony universal remote control from three methods given below.


  1. Manual Programming with Codes
  2. Using the Code Search Function
  3. Programming by Brand Name


Required Items to Program Sony Remote

You’ll need user guide manual for the remote control to program it. You might also need an instant access to internet to visit the official website to find the relevant code provided by manufacturer for a specific product.


Some Tips

Some manufacturer names may appear more than once in the list when you’ll programming by brand name on remotes, also possible more than one code for the same product and manufacturer. In this case, try to apply correct code for your device from more than one in the list i.e. all the codes.


Some Warnings

Sony remotes are mostly universal for other companies as well, however, there is a chance that the Sony remote may not be compatible with some brands not listed in the unit's user guide or owner's manual.


Sony remotes could be utilized for other devices as well such as Sony DVD-Player. However, before 2003, these remotes were not done with DVDs.


Moreover, Sony universal remote controls with a learning function now have the capability of learning the infrared (IR) frequencies of a remote control as well. Therefore if your Sony remote control has a "Learning" feature, it may be able to learn the infrared frequencies required to control a DVDs and Blu-ray player of before 2003.

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