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T-Mobile Picture Messaging: If you're a T-Mobile user, and you've received a message you can't understand, something like strange, don't worry about it. It is an MMS, and your mobile may not be functioned to receive multimedia messages. All you need to see the message is going online and navigating with proper username and password.


Yes, you can see all mms received that you can't directly observe on your T-Mobile. So let us learn how to see all the mms you've received on your mobile, but wait, let us know little about mms to make us easy to understand the process.


What is MMS

MMS is stand for Multimedia Messaging Service. It is a picture messaging also known as multimedia messaging. It is because it can add animation, images, sound and video to a message sent from your phone. Therefore, it is different from simple SMS. And if your mobile is not made to support MMS, it will not appear to you in the form that has been sent to you.


However, you can still see these messages with the help you T-Mobile online service by just getting in with username and password. Follow the following steps to learn more.


How to View MMS Online with T-Mobile?

Fulfill the following requirements and follow the given steps to get job done.

  • Computer with internet access

  • Working internet connection

  • Cell phone

  • T-Mobile as your network operator

  • An SMS saying that you have received an MMS

Step by Step

Open the SMS you’ve received says that you’ve receive an MMS and note down the password in it

Open the website link

Type your username and password along with your phone number in relevant fields

Finally, press the button reads, “log in”

Now just wait the system retrieve your MMS message shortly, that’s it!

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