T-Mobile Has Stopped the Update for Samsung Galaxy S5

T-Mobile‏ - United States (on May 26, 2014 11:58 AM)



After an announcement by T-Mobile of releasing an update for the Samsung Galaxy S5 few days ago, T-Mobile has stopped the Update for Samsung Galaxy S5 suddenly.


Samsung-Galaxy-S5-T-MobileT-Mobile has finally decided to stop the update for Samsung Galaxy S5, which is widely considered to be one of the best smartphones currently available on the market. Samsung Galaxy S5, released less than two months ago, was given the update by T-Mobile facing bug that’s been plaguing S5 owners.


T-Mobile authorities accepted that they are unable to solve the problem soon, as the bug is causing incoming SMS and MMS failure to customers. Which is tremendously annoying for the customer who is in hurry to receive or send important message.


The customer also experiencing the reduction in internet speed as some of the customers that managed to download and install the 131 MB update complained that they started facing decreased data speed immediately.


Nevertheless, the problem seems not to be fixed very soon after an announcement by T-Mobile to stop the update, because the update G900TUVU1ANE5 seems problematic .So nice to see T-Mobile accepting the error by apologizing manner and let not people remain in hope to be fixed the problem soon, but to stop until it fixed.


T-Mobile decided after having few complaints from customers using the update. However, majority of the customers didn’t face any problem while using the aforementioned update.  At least T mobile addressed the issue well, unlike other carriers who even not address it until and unless it becomes major one, remark by one of the customers.


We’ll try our best to keep you up to date with any further developments so stay tuned to TeleCoz.

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