How to Indicate Whether a Website Login is Secure or not?

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Secured page with https Sign


Each person has serious concerns on internet security and privacy, and now a days it is very important to know that whether a website is serving a secure login page or not before sharing private information with it.


A secure login page uses a special system of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for encrypting the data including the username, password, credit card number, account number etc. in short you can say that secure login establishes a secure and encrypted connection between you and the website.


Encryption means that the data is transferred in an unreadable format so that no one can access the data for his own objectives. The main difference which can be indicated easily between a secure and standard login page can be seen in the address bar of your internet browser.


When the webpage is secured you can see a “https” URL in the address bar of the browser instead of ‘http’ URL which is unsecured.


Another indication which can be considered as an additional sign of secure login page is the green color certification in the address bar like in the ‘PayPal Login page’ there is also a 'Lock Sign' in the left corner of the address bar.


This "Lock Sign" can be seen in both Firefox and Chrome web browsers you can confirm these indications to find out whether a login is secure or not.


Yellow Pad Lock


It is very important to determine whether a webpage you are viewing is a secured or not, for this purpose you must know that the ‘globe icon’ appear in the address bar in the left corner indicate that you are visiting unsecured page which shows that you are in the ‘internet zone’.


The 'Yellow Pad Lock' sign in the web browser URL bar also indicate that you are in the secure login zone and the webpage is secured by the company.


Whether A Website Login Is Secure Or Not

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