How to View T-Mobile Picture Messaging (MMS) Online Living in United Kingdom

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If you’re T-Mobile customer in UK, and you receive a strange message that states ‘an MMS message has been sent to your phone’ which shows you nothing, it means you’re not activated to view mms on your T-Mobile unless you go to a website to look at the message.


What is MMS

In the rush of plenty of social media apps available in market used by millions of thousands of people in the world, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype for mobiles, Tango, Telegram, Instachat etc. the term mms seems to be disappeared from the minds of youngers.


MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service and is commonly referred to as Picture Messaging. As through the aforementioned apps people feel easier to send and receive their snaps and historical moments to their loved ones, the need of MMS has declined.


Indifferent to simple SMS, MMS adds animation, images, sound and video to a message sent from your phone. Although it’s rare, but people often receive MMS on their mobiles in UK from different advertising companies and individuals. Therefore case remains “How to View T-Mobile Picture Messaging (MMS) Online.”


Problem with T-Mobile MMS

T-Mobile International AG is a holding company for Deutsche Telekom AG's various mobile communications subsidiaries outside Germany according to the Wikipedia definition. It represents 12 European countries including United Kingdom. T-Mobile is operating in United Kingdom as UK network operator for cell phones.


Often T-Mobile customers receive an SMS on their phone in UK saying that you have received an MMS message. The customer finds himself/herself unable to see MMS. It means you’ve not configured to see MMS on your t-mobile and you need to go online to see MMS.


So what to be done to see MMS on mobile phone? Let’s find the answer below.


How to View T-Mobile Picture Messaging (MMS) Online

To configure mobile phone to View T-Mobile MMS is not a big if you’re in UK. All you need is to go to the relevant t-mobile website and enter your password. Let’s start learning from what may you need to proceed and what are the steps to complete the process.

What I Need?

A computer with internet access (Any device which can be used to access internet such as smartphone, iPhone, table etc.)

A cell phone subscribed to T-Mobile services

A received SMS that states that you have received an MMS that you can view online from your mobile

A password in that SMS

Step By Step Guide

Open the SMS that you’ve receive states you’ve received MMS

Write down the password mentioned in that SMS

Visit T-Mobile picture messaging retrieval web page i.e.

Enter your phone number and the password you just copied from an SMS received in the relevant boxes

Click the button “Log in”

Wait for while system retrieves your MMS message

That’s it!

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